The page you are reading is not what I would call a destination on this world wide web. It is more of a crossroads; an intersection between other places and yet another chance to branch off into a different direction of travel. In fact, this page is shared not by one, but several domains.

About Sleepytrees

One of those domains is sleepytrees.com. A name that popped into my head one night in 1996 as I was typing an explanation of email routing to an internet mailing list. More and more the name grew on me, and I began to imagine how restful the trees would be if the promise of a paperless office were to ever be realized. As it stands now, the forests must be full of the noise of saws and loggers who chop down acres of trees in order to manufacture paper. The more I thought about the internet, the more I hoped that this was one step in the direction of using less paper, and allowing the trees to become lazy and sleepy. Much like the Ents in Lord of the Rings.

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Looking for KRUSS.COM?

This domain name is owned by the Kruss family and is for personal use. Perhaps one of these is the site you are trying to find:

Microscopes - Refractometers - Spectroscopes -- the Hamburg-based private company with a long tradition.

Surface Science Instrumentation for the United States, Canada, and Mexico & Contract Analysis Services for the World

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